Fight The Resistance


The blank page. Perhaps the most diabolical weapon wielded by what Steven Pressfield calls “Resistance.” That force inside us whose sole purpose is to stop us from accomplishing what we were created to do. To frighten us. To deter us from the painting, the drawing, the writing, the baking, the building, the composing. The dancing, the singing, the performing.

Perhaps this doesn’t resonate with you. Maybe you are one of those fortunate enough to conceive of an idea and without pause commit and simply put the pencil to the page, leap to the stage, take the mic. You are one of the lucky ones. This isn’t for you. Fight the Resistance is a movement for the rest of us.

I’ve been a successful professional artist and filmmaker for more than 20 years, and I still fear it. The blank page. Every day.

For me, Fight the Resistance is in itself an overcoming of Resistance. The idea: To equip and inspire those of us in the trenches to do the things we were meant to do. To take the next step.

Join the fight.